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Please contact Victoria Chipp for details, you can also reach her on twitter @totti369. There will be a strict guestlist in operation on the evening and it is crucial that you express interest through the correct channels to guarantee entry.



Walk 4 Matt 2012

Today i am writing to you on more of a personal note. I have chosen to take on and be a part of the Walk4Matt 2012. This involves walking well over 110 miles from Rugby to Twickenham all in aid of the fantastic cause that is The Matt Hampson Foundation.

Most of you that are involved in rugby in even the slightest way will have heard about the inspiration that is Matt Hampson. Matt suffered a severe spinal injury when taking party in an everyday training session with England Under 20 . The scrum collapsed on his neck trapping his spinal cord and paralysing him for the rest of his life from the neck down. One of the most poignant parts of Matt’s story was when he came around in the ambulance and pleaded with the paramedics not to cut off his England shirt. Since then, Matt has established the Matt Hampson Foundation and not only been able to ensure care for the rest of his life is paid for but get involved with other that have similar injuries.

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