Head to Head with Jamie Noon

Brive's Jamie Noon

The Rugby Diary’s Tori took the opportunity to grab an interview with The ex England and current Brive superstar Jamie Noon!

 So Jamie here are a few quick fire questions just to get you warmed up:

Favourite book?
Harlan Coben: Tell No-One

Favourite Film?
Dumb and Dumber

Favourite Music?
It’s a real mix of everything; Pantera, Andreas Boccelli, Adele, Take That….

Night out or Night in?
Night in – very homey

What is your favourite meal to have cooked for you?
Sunday roast dinner

Favourite holiday destination?
Canada – Vancouver

Making a strong run against Leicester Tigers


So Jamie what is your most embarrassing playing memory so far? There is always a chance of more to come!
I was sick whilst playing on the pitch, right in front of the girl I fancied at the time. Luckily this was the same girl who actually later became my wife!

That is such a nice story, well the ending, especially at this time of year we all like a heart warmer. So do you have any funny stories from you playing days over here?
One time one of the Newcastle players got knocked out but when I looked how he had landed he was lying on back of another player. It was hilarious because it looked like he was piggy backing him!

So how have you found life settling in Brive, obviously a completely different place to Newcastle in a lot of ways?
Living in Brive is very different to what life was like in Newcastle, as Brive really is a serious rugby town. The French are all very welcoming and the move has been great for my three kids. It’s a really challenging league to play in, everywhere you look there is top quality international players. And there is no questioning that the weather is also much better.

Sounds like you’ve fit in really well out there and adjusted to the French way of living, what do you miss most about Newcastle?
What I miss about Newcastle is the friends I made there. We had a really close group of young players and we had a great time growing up and playing together. Some of those lads have finished, and all of them have moved on. It’s something I will never forget and was a great time in my life.

You sound like you had a really close group of friends there which must have made it easier to stay and much tougher to leave. Who are your best mates in rugby now?
It’s hard to pinpoint your mates. I’d like to think I’m still close to the group I played with at Newcastle and also some of the lads I have played representative rugby with.

What was it like scoring at hat trick of tries at Twickenham? It must have been even better to do it in front of your new born son!
I am really proud that I have had the opportunity to play for England but to have my new born son watching was very special. The icing on the cake was to score the tries but credit has to go to my team mates for their work in the tries. If I remember rightly I had a couple of cheeky beers after the game!

And we can’t blame you for wetting the baby’s head! Getting England caps would be the pinnacle of most professional rugby player’s career and then achieving international success. Do you think there is still a chance for you to get some more even if it meant moving back to England?
My first couple of years over here (Brive) were tough because I really thought I had a chance with England still. But I have to be a realist and admit that after nearly three years it is probably too late now.

The World Cup is here in 2015 and is set to be a big tournament, do you think we can win it realistically and what would you like to see happen at the helm?
If we can build a side from the young lads for 2015 starting now with good coaching and a modern approach then I don’t see why not. For me we have to look forward and not do what we have always done. We need to be the bench mark and that means developing things that will improve the players we have. Not copying what other nations do, we need to be the side that everyone else is watching

Jamie's Movember effort!

That’s a really good point and I think it’s about time we gave some of the youngsters a chance but with no more Johnno we have lost a stable head to the coaching team. Who would you like to see take his role and move England forward?
I really can’t call the England manager position. I haven’t worked with many managers but we need someone brave, and they must come at this with new ideas.

Who do you reckon the top four will be domestically? It seems the World Cup and so many early season absentees could really spice things up a bit.
The top four will probably be; Tigers, Saracens, Saints and then 4th place could be anyone’s!

No one likes the idea of being relegated but do you think there is any team that stands out as favourites?
I don’t want to think about who could go down, I’m not a big fan of relegation I suppose.

Thanks Jamie for taking the time out to do an interview with us, the first for The Rugby Diary!

Follow Jamie on twitter @Noony_13


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